Who we are

We are passionate at resolving key problems our customers present us with our technology, online marketing and analytical capabilities. We prefer simple, realistic solutions to complex ones and work in partnership to create mutually beneficial outcomes aligned with our clients needs and budgets. Our products and services are customisable and will integrate with your organisation’s approach seamlessly with the necessary guidance, should you require it at any phase. We can partner with you to provide value through assisted self-service.

 Our motto is: The right solution at the right time in the right way at the right price  

Our Values

Partnership: We believe in forging partnerships built in view of long term sustainable benefits to all parties

Empathy: We identify with our partners’ point of view and we put ourselves in their shoes to get a true understanding of their needs

Innovation: We pursue innovation to be ahead of the of the latest trends in order to transform businesses

Adaptability: We have the flexibility to adapt into existing client processes and activities while maintaining a cost effective development environment to ensure rapid value delivery

Passion: We aspire for excellence in all our activities, we are fueled by passion and simply love what we do

Integrity: We believe in being open and honest. Transparency is at the heart of everything we do, relating to all of our stakeholders in an authentic way

BQu Advantage

With a vast array of experience, our team offers you skill and competence to get the job done. Not only to see it to completion but also to give it an added dimension that will astound you! With a design to fit your requirement, we also keep in mind that simplicity is the ultimate goal and although more difficult to create, we go the extra mile. So keeping things simple and if possible cheap, yet with a sophisticated touch based on experience, mindfulness and care to what we do, we will help you create a sustainable competitive advantage.

BQu Approach

We adhere to the most up-to-date industry practices in our business approach. We research and use cutting-edge design, up to date technologies and try to anticipate market trends. But at the core, we incorporate a mix of four traditional approaches: Jidoka (automation with the human touch), Kaizen (continuous learning and improvement), The Pyramid Principle (clear mental organisation and reporting) and The Scientific Problem Solving Approach (Issues - Hypothesis - Analysis - Findings - Conclusions - Offering/Recommendations) to all our projects.

Trust BQu to help progress and transform your business today. Get in touch with us now and find out what we can do for you.


27, Lindfield Gardens
London NW3 6PX United Kingdom
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General: +44 20 7097 8980
Hotline: +44 20 7900 2377

BQu Services (Pvt) Ltd

No.82, 4/1, Baudhaloka Mawatha,
Colombo 04,
Sri Lanka
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General: +94 11 258 5660
Hotline: +94 773 22 44 20

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