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What is Video Sharing?

Video Sharing involves the process of uploading, publishing and sharing video clips online. People today love to share their creative production and even home videos.

Most popular video sharing sites include YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, Vine. and there are some most popular mobile apps allow to share videos within limited size they are Facebook and twitter. These sites/applications share much in common with online social network sites and blogs. Users can connect with each other, send messages, leave comments, share videos and search for information. Video sharing sites help to available your video to others by posting to a video hosting service on an Internet website.

Why share videos online?

We share videos online in order to evoke a response from others. And also there are so many users in social video sharing sites. Therefore when we are sharing a video most of the people can see that and we can get attention of more people. For an example there are more than 2 billion users for YouTube, more than 100 million accounts in YouTube, There are 24 hours of video upload to the video to YouTube in every minute. Organizations (companies) share videos because organizational vision and mission, because for the client testimonial, or because for the product and service demonstration.

When looking at the leading providers YouTube abd Vimeo we find that in general the following key differences.


-More Traffic
-Free detailed statistics
-Can use for Product and service Demos
-Best for short video uploading/advertising


-Less Ads/Cleaner
-Detailed stats require a fee
-Most of the time use for Non-commercial use
-Best for artist and filmmakers


The key pros and cons of YouTube


  • More than 2 billion users and more than 450 million monthly users – There for huge potential audience for your video
  • Free hosting and video uploading – There for you can setup free video hosting account
  • Opportunities for paid promotion videos
  • No upload limits
  • Appear well in Google search results
  • No need of coding skills when you uploading a video
  • Fast load times / fast playback
  • Can upload unlimited number of videos under one account
  • Stronger name recognition
  • Google owned


  • 15 minutes video limit
  • Having millions of users can mean that your videos get lost within the masses of videos available
  • YouTube places adverts on and around the video before play and after play
  • YouTube offers a built-in analytic tool called Insight, some have suggested that the analytic data is too basic

The key pros and cons of Vimeo


  • Can host your own domain
  • Pro members can get advanced video statistics
  • If you have a pro account you can add branding to your video
  • Priority uploading, also offered with Vimeo Pro, you can skip the queue and upload your business videos ahead of other unpaid accounts.
  • Higher video quality / much higher video
  • There are growing number of members


  • Slow upload times and only one HD video upload allow per week. If we want to upload more than this then we have to buy a pro account
  • Smaller number of the users (monthly 17 million) than YouTube
  • Pro account limit 50 GB of upload space per year
  • Video views are capped at 250,00
  • Some videos best features are only available with a premium account

Considering the pros and cons of each, it can be concluded that Vimeo is a better platform for a professional audience looking for a smooth space for sharing videos, as there is less content, the layout is cleaner, mainly because advertisements aren’t allowed, and it is password protected; whereas Youtube is good for people looking for entertainment or socialization, and a great platform for advertisers due to the high visitor count/potential audience your video can receive, and the availability of analytics.

Created : August 7th, 2013


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