10 Significant elements of a good eBook

With the rise in popularity of mobile, tablet and e-readers, eBooks are gaining more popularity than ever.

With the growth of eBook usage and popularity, marketers have identified eBooks as one of the best modes of generating leads towards their brands. Even though eBooks are one of the unique and most powerful marketing tools in a promotion mix, they are often not seen as a marketing tool. Instead of simply selling a product, eBooks advise consumers about the product, convinces non-users to buy, and solves consumers’ problems.

As a result of the digital era, more and more books are being published in electronic versions, and new authors and publishers are introduced everyday. Many people, especially students, marketers and professionals are interested in figuring out how to design a good eBook. How you can create a good eBook? What are the significant elements you need to focus on when creating your eBook? Let’s discuss the 10 elements that are musts for a good eBook.

1. Appealing and descriptive topic

The eBook topic is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of the eBook, it should be attractive and appealing. The topic is the first factor that the audience uses to judge about the entire book before reading it. 

2. Book cover design

People generally judge a printed book by its cover, and this is the same for eBooks as well. The cover should be visually appealing. A good cover explains the content using visuals.

3. A brief introduction on the author

Providing information about the author will generate more leads towards the eBook and it will increase the credibility of the content. If the author is an expert of the subject area it will be an advantage to the eBook. If a team of writers are involved in the book, their effort should be recognised through the book.

4. Table of content

The table of content shows that the eBook is well organised and user friendly, and it saves time of your readers by giving them a map of the resource. As it is an electronic version, it’s better if you can insert hyperlinks, and using headings and subheadings will be more useful.

5. Content

The content is probably the most significant fact of the eBook. Everything is important,  the font type, font sizes, spacing, formatting and colours. An eBook is one of the best way to educate your customer and it should not be product-focussed. Use quotes and tags to make the content credible and reliable.

6. Visuals, Links, Quotes and Tags

Don’t write too much, use visual elements to explain your points. Visual elements contain bolded texts, differently styled texts, bullet points, images, charts, and graphs. Visuals are more appropriate to use for attracting the reader, summarising facts and to motivate your reader to read more, but you should be aware of your readers.

7. Social sharing buttons

Using social sharing buttons, you can invite your readers to share the eBook in their social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Importance of social sharing buttons is that the eBook can drive traffic to the website or increase the popularity of the eBook.

8. Responsiveness

As your eBook is a digital publication, make sure it is responsive. Responsiveness means the capability of adjusting to the screen without scrolling or zooming in or out. Your eBook can be opened with any reader and it can be adjusted to the screen it appears on.

9. Printer friendliness

If you think that your readers might find the book more useful in print, you should also offer them the facility to download and print. Avoid heavy designs and double page content that cause content to be cluttered and also horizontal layouts which are not print-friendly.

10. Call to action button

The last element, Call-to-action button is essential, it is what you actually expect from the reader after reading the eBook. Perhaps you need them to buy a product, enroll with a course, register for a service, sign up with a website or convince your reader to promote the eBook.


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