Why busy people should read more books

Are you looking for a loyal friend to accompany you not only when you’re top of the mountain but at times when you are destitute and down?

The next few thoughts will give you an insight as to what we would prescribe for an all-purpose remedy.

Reading, they say, broadens your horizons and stretches your mind. It is an ideal way to get away from the stresses and strains of life, to look towards finer and lighter things that bring you relaxation and a fantastic way to unwind.

Here are some reasons as to why we think people who are most often than not, ‘busy’ should take a good dose of a solid book when time permits. A book will always come about as a helping hand to give you all this and more in a world that is fast-paced and volatile.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once

Being just another individual who strives to make a living without pausing to make a life would actually end up a poor man. We say so because these individuals are devoid of the little pleasures that life gives, that can come from the countless experiences and encounters when you read a book. So keep reading and experiencing. Enrich your opportunities to garner life skills that will be beneficial and useful together with the entertainment that comes with reading a book.

Reading is to the mind that exercise is to the body

As mentioned before reading stretches your imagination and stimulates creativity. Scientists have even concluded via a research published in 2013 via the journal of science that reading literary fiction, improves ‘mind reading’. The cells and neurons in your brain would align and combine to formulate new ideas that can be beneficial to both your personal and professional life, keeping your mind active and engaged. This would also help you to envision different perspectives and also help you make better and clear decisions in life.

A book gives you a place to go when you have to stay where you are

A book is the most inexpensive way of taking you to places you have never been before. Your whole world opens up, and you are exposed to cities, lifestyles, cultures and knowledge that you probably may never get a chance of experiencing first-handed in your lifetime. In the case that you would have money you would sometimes lack time for travel. Therefore stack up your reading list with books that can take you places in less time and literally no expense.

Portable and easy to carry around

When you are rushed off your feet, taking time off is always worth it. A book is portable and can always be a turn to option to take your mind off and refresh your thinking to undertake the tasks ahead of you after your break on a busy day. Therefore, just as it is a habit of taking along your phone with you to work, remember to slip in a book, this will do you a ton of good and probably more good than your mobile phone has to offer.

A book before bed can help you sleep better at night

Reading a book before you got to bed should help you destress and refine your thought process off the daily happenings and the busy day to day schedule before you go to bed. Studies have proven that reading can reduce stress up to 68%, and it’s a better form of relaxation than listening to music and drinking a hot cup of tea before calling it a night. Thus, consider a good book to your nightly routine.

A book can change your life

Many a times we stumble across literature that speaks to us and motivates us to do things we have never done even at the point of impossible. All it takes is some good advice and motivation from a good book to change your life forever. Self-help books are the quintessential means in this regard. Are you looking for inspiration, motivation and change? Then grab a book

When you’re striving to keep your head above the water and circumstances keep getting to you, a book will help you regather your thoughts, redirect your focus and help you with that much needed break.  Keep reading, stay happy and you’re sure headed for a much more fulfilling life. As someone said so profoundly, “Books wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”


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