FAQs on Cloud-based Learning

With distant learning, webinars, podcasts and eBooks learning has become increasingly a web affair.

With latest tools and developments that seem to get updated by the day, it has got to a point where we are so inundated with information that we are drowning in knowledge! 

Have you ever thought to yourself as to how you can make most of all these resources that can be acquired at a reasonable price and sometimes free of charge? We thought we’d take a look at a state-of-the-art learning platform that is being implemented in most educational institutions around the world.

What is Cloud-based Learning?

Cloud-based learning also known as cloud technology is a virtual platform for sharing information with multi-user accessibility and easy traceability that is compatible with any smart device of your choice. Many schools, universities and colleges are moving onto such interfaces, making learning and information storing a more productive business, with seamless accessibility from literally anywhere in the world! The prerequisite and essential tool to have in this regard is a stable internet connection (You don’t say, ya?).

What resources can be shared on a Cloud-based system?

As a first step to getting into the cloud-based learning business, all student details, course details, lecturer times and course content can be shared and uploaded ready to be accessed by students. eBooks, audio, testing methods and results is a staple and will be included on any platform of this like. As you go by- the platform can be improved and customised. Given the capacity of the platform you may also have comprehensively upgraded systems with webinars, related course content, interactive learning sessions, mentoring and webcasts -creating a virtual classroom atmosphere, with not much of a software requirement. These are fine means to encourage distant learning and to make advancements from the traditional classroom setting.

Benefits of Cloud-based learning to the institution

A definite advantage of cloud-based learning is that all tangible past papers, bulky books and years of filing can all be trashed, and new ways of storing and compiling can save significant working space. Without having students engage in physical space, training and lecturing can be done online and again the need for classrooms are diminished. Most of the time with a decent investment, the institution can transfer, share and infer knowledge in a virtual environment saving on heavy investment if lectures are to be carried out otherwise in a physical locality.

Benefits of Cloud-based learning to the student

Unlike students of the nineties, in today’s day and age parents will not have to force you to attend classes that are miles away from home and take longer than forever to finish. As smart devices are commonplace, and WiFi is freely available, students can access resources and attend lectures without too much of a hassle. This can also serve beneficial as these platforms are used as notice boards and virtual bulletins, keeping students informed making sure they don’t miss out on a thing.

What can go wrong with Cloud-based learning

Cloud-based learning requires a stable internet connection. If students are in areas that connections are intermittent and not very steady, there could be interruptions and inaccessibility hindering a smooth learning process. Subscription cost can fluctuate, and cannot be predicted at times. Having to set up the required hardware and software can initially be pricey if you don’t evaluate your suppliers to get the best price for a system as such. A proper secure data backup from time to time is essential in case of virus threats and system malfunction in disseminating information. Some students may also find it hard to deviate from traditional classroom lectures, and some may even not have the necessary hardware and software requirements to access a system as such.

How do I choose the right Cloud-based solution?

Here are a few questions to answer when you're ticking off the criteria to assess whether you’ve got the right supplier for your cloud management system

·         Is the interface customizable and engaging enough according to the requirement of the organisation?

·         Does it have suitable filtering options?

·         Is it a platform that will blend into your teaching style and culture of the organisation?

·         Are the latest updates systematic and on time?

·         Is it compatible with most smart devices?

·         Is it possible to integrate the platform with other systems?

·         Does it fit my budget?

·         Is it secure against virus threats, is it reliable and scalable?

·         Does the service provider follow up with good after sales support?

·         How much industry experience does the service provider have?

How BQueLibrary can assist you

Whether you are a school, university, corporate body or non-profit organisation, BQueLibrary is the ultimate resource sharing platform. With BQueLibrary, you may publish textbooks, past papers, course outlines, assignments, catalogues, dissertations, magazines, video/audio material or any other content that you wish to share. This customizable interface will help you enable functions to have the system work according to your discretion to give your institute a competitive advantage for easily retrievable content and systematic hosting of information.

With BQueLibrary, you will also gain access to the worldwide information service EBSCO HOST, which contains several eBooks, ePublications, and research articles.


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