Basic SEO Checklist

Do you have the following in place for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Plan?

Many marketing professionals in Sri Lanka are confused about SEO due to technical aspects and will often worry when implementing a plan. But like any strategic plan always start with your Objectives and goal settings.

Initial Set up

An important phase you need to have set up to remind you what you want to achieve through SEO. These will include two main elements that need to be in line with your organisation objectives.

  • Setting up objectives and goals
  • Setting up SEO tools and site maintenance platform

SEO will incorporate elements of on page, off page and then monitoring and reviewing for making changes to the activities.

  • On page activities – optimising the web site’s keywords, keyword placements and site content
  • Off page activities – attracting visitors to the website through online advertising, social media and email marketing to name a few
  • Monitoring and reporting – monthly review of performance to monitor site’s performance through given set of tasks

On page activities

This includes main tasks centred around the website pages, and elements done to improve site content, navigation, etc.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis will involve tracking of the top identified keywords that you would like to rank for and monitor the placement of the keywords through our SEO Tools.

Checking site for errors

It is important to monitor the site for any pages that can be registered as error pages that could drop the Google ranking. Errors on site can be defined as;

  • Crawl Error checking and corrections
  • Page not found errors
  • Server Errors
  • Pages with duplicate content
  • Checking sitemap and if pages are being indexed by Google / editing sitemap
  • Removing unwanted pages from Google index

It is best to check this on a monthly basis and fix any errors that can drop your search engine rankings.

Directory submissions & Social bookmarking submissions

Submitting to the site to known directories and bookmarking sites will create in-bound linking to the site creating popularity. The site popularity will allow for the site ranking to increase – thereby allowing for more visitors to gain access to the site.

Inbound Link building and content creation

This is an on-going process of submitting content throughout the web which popularises your name in on-line channels.

This creates in-bound linking to the site creating popularity. It further generates interest in customers online looking for new better deals in the market.

Monitoring and Measurement

We can help to measure and monitor the site performance through reporting back to you on;

  • Visitors per month
  • Traffic sources per month
    • Search Engine
    • Mobile
    • Direct Traffic
    • Campaigns (e.g. through direct marketing, advertising)
    • Page level performance reports

Off page activities

This mainly incorporates attracting visitors from external sources. This too includes on going and monthly activies which can range from one or more of the following;

  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Press release publication
  • Content writing and publication (including Blogs)

SEO is an ongoing process and for most start up sites results are not visible on search engine results at least for six months of launch. Furthermore if the site’s pages have no traffic also there is a chance of ranking on the site dropping, there by again the site not coming up on the first page. Therefore support off-line SEO tasks need to be conducted every 90 days and reviewed for any more work that is needed.

If you are interested, let BQu Services help you in setting up your SEO Plan today.

Created : April 10th, 2013


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