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Running a successful business consultancy means providing added value. This requires business consultants to deliver the most accurate, up-to-date business intelligence available.

Cimetric Ltd operates a leading UK business consultancy. They wanted to better understand the ISA (Individual Savings Account) market in order to inform their members of any relevant patterns and trends that could be of use. At BQu, we formulated a two tier strategy that involved carrying out both primary and secondary research. In order to ascertain a clear picture, this research would need to be arranged and analysed. Finally, this would need to be drafted into reports and databases to allow for it to be communicated effectively in the future.

Stage one: Secondary research

As ISAs date back to 1999, there is a considerable amount of information available. To ensure the reliability of the data that we sourced, we first researched the market of online personal finance websites, reducing our selection down to the three most trustworthy examples. Examining this information, we proceeded to extract all relevant data.

ISA have been the UKs headline tax-exempt saving model for the past ten years. This allowed us to collect a considerable amount of information. Also, due to the fact that ISAs are provided by many different institutions, in both a savings and an investment format, the data was extremely varied. Using our team of skilled business analysts, we investigated the information thoroughly, compiling the findings into accessible databases.

Stage two: Primary research

To expand upon these findings and gain an insider’s view, we decided to gather first-hand experiences of individuals directly related to the market. After designing and deploying an online survey, we collected the opinions of key industry representatives. These findings were then compiled into detailed reports, which along with the databases from the secondary research, conveyed a transparent outlook of the ISA market as a whole.

An in-depth outlook

By carrying out both research of available data and assessments of industry opinions, we gathered together a comprehensive collection of ISA related data. By conducting an extensive analysis of these findings, we were able to produce materials that gave a detailed view of the market. Having contracted BQu to carry out this assignment, Cimetric Ltd were able to move forward with the development of their associated services, relying on the strength of their new-found business intelligence.

Cimetric Ltd rated the work that BQu carried out on their behalf as highly successful. This confidence in our pricing and abilities can be seen in their continuing reliance on our services. Contact us today to find out how we can supply you with the advantage over your competitors.


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