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Forming a new business demands a detailed market appraisal and an infrastructure fit for purpose. Due to BQu’s international composition, we can deliver this expertise for less.

iMedia Keep Ltd approached the BQu team as a start-up company interested in breaking into the online image management and stock photography industry. Having recognised it as a growing market with relatively low investment demands, iMedia Keep wanted to increase their market knowledge and find out what was the best and most cost effective path to launching their business.

After approaching BQu to carry out the work, we formed a plan that outlined research of both the online image market and the different factors affecting a start-up company, such as software, pricing and image sizing issues. Having impressed the client with our high standards and low costs, iMedia Keep Ltd selected BQu to carry out the next step, developing and implementing the main image management platform and website.

In-depth research

Appropriate market positioning is key when introducing a new business into a competitive environment. To enable iMedia Keep to secure an early advantage, our researchers conducted detailed studies into the demand, competition and pricing standards of the current market. Research was also carried out to explore the many different software packages that are available to facilitate online image repositories. Both the market and the software studies were then put through cross-analysis so that the findings could be clearly presented and effective recommendations made.

Development and implementation

Having consulted the reports that we presented to them, and after witnessing our cost effective processes, iMedia Keep decided to entrust the development and implementation of their online image platform to BQu. Agreeing with the client on the software before hand, our international IT team designed and built the online image management infrastructure with consumer interface. This was able to display the 4000 images that iMedia Keep already held the rights to, with surplus capacity available. Incorporated features included meta-data tags, multiple sizing options, cataloguing, image quality control and the ability to perform transactions.

Driving new business through information and innovation

Due to BQu’s extensive research skills and our additional ability to deliver substantial IT infrastructure, iMedia Keep are now operating a successful online image management business. By assessing the current market and competitor outlook and exploring the software options available, we were able to build a detailed report on the best possible actions to take when starting a business in the industry. Using this report we were then able to create the perfect environment to display and store images, while performing many different functions including client transactions.

Having proven our distinction in both market research and related IT services, iMedia Keep continues to rely on BQu for further cost effective research and site development services. Get in contact with BQu today and find out how we can start making business intelligence work for you.


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