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Reviewing services and market conditions leads to informed decisions. BQu provides business intelligence that covers all the angles.

Today’s education industry is highly competitive and London School of Marketing, located in central West London, is at its forefront. As a relatively young institution, London School of Marketing came to BQu with a desire to further develop their services and a plan to expand their business model internationally. For both of these issues, information first had to be compiled to allow for a clear appraisal. We recognised the need to implement a structure of internal evaluation that could be regularly updated, building an on-going record of their current impact, and carry out thorough research of each market London School of Marketing had an interest in entering.

Internal evaluation

When attempting to sustain and improve standards, you need to be able to make an accurate assessment of services. At London School of Marketing we collected data that gave a broad picture of the changing situation, including features such as qualification statistics and student moral. First, we created and implemented a bi-annual student satisfaction survey that over time has built up a record of student attitudes, able to be cross referenced to give reliable approval ratings. Next, we employed a balanced scorecard system to evaluate London School of Marketings performance on a monthly basis. When combined, the results of these two techniques provide a comprehensive view of London School of Marketing’s overall services, while highlighting any possible areas of concern.

External assessment

To facilitate growth plans, it is important to gather together and analyse all available information that could have an influence on the decision making process. As London School of Marketing wanted to look at ways to offer their courses internationally, BQu began by conducting both general and then focused market research, reporting on both the industry and individual sectors. Through consistent consultation with the client, we identified markets which presented the best opportunities and carried out extensive competitor analysis studies, looking into factors such as services, quality, fees and enrolment figures. All findings were communicated back to the client with the aid of detailed reports and illustrations of our analysis.

Reports that influence a company’s future

Our approach was to assess London School of Marketing’s current standing while also implementing systems that would allow them to continue gathering information that would prove useful over time. With the accurate, effective and affordable business intelligence that BQu has supplied, London School of Marketing has been able to consolidate their position, compare past data, predict future data and make educated decisions about their business development plans. The result has been an increased knowledge base, growth in student population and an overall improved quality of service.

Due to our international resources, we have provided an extremely high standard of research and analysis at a price that makes its use sustainable for regular business usage. Contact us today to find out how you can start receiving an advantage over your competitors.


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