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London School of Marketing

Reviewing services and market conditions leads to informed decisions. BQu provides business intelligence that covers all the angles.

Today’s education industry is highly competitive and London School of Marketing, located in central West London, is at its forefront. As a relatively young institution, London School of Marketing came to BQu with a desire to further develop their services and a plan to expand their business model internationally. For both of these issues, information first had to be compiled to allow for a clear appraisal. We recognised the need to implement a structure of internal evaluation that could be regularly updated, building an on-going record of their current impact, and carry out thorough research of each market London School of Marketing had an interest in entering.

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iMedia Keep

Forming a new business demands a detailed market appraisal and an infrastructure fit for purpose. Due to BQu’s international composition, we can deliver this expertise for less.

iMedia Keep Ltd approached the BQu team as a start-up company interested in breaking into the online image management and stock photography industry. Having recognised it as a growing market with relatively low investment demands, iMedia Keep wanted to increase their market knowledge and find out what was the best and most cost effective path to launching their business.

After approaching BQu to carry out the work, we formed a plan that outlined research of both the online image market and the different factors affecting a start-up company, such as software, pricing and image sizing issues. Having impressed the client with our high standards and low costs, iMedia Keep Ltd selected BQu to carry out the next step, developing and implementing the main image management platform and website.

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To form effective sales and marketing strategies, our clients need up-to-date, accurate business intelligence. BQu provides value for money without reducing our standards.

With a long history serving the UK market, Icelandair is the flag carrier airline of Iceland. Flying a regular schedule of flights in and out three major UK cities – London, Manchester and Glasgow – Icelandair wanted to encourage an increase in demand for UK flights to Iceland. It was recognised that in order to effectively engage with travellers and holiday-makers, they required a greater appreciation of the market of UK travel agents. Having heard about BQu’s reputation for delivering first-class, affordable business intelligence, BQu was contacted directly.

The project required in-depth market research and the organisation and presentation of all of the data into a usable format. Using a large range of sources, we collected online information from available databases. This was then consolidated and transferred into a format that would best illustrate the findings.

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Cimetric Ltd

Running a successful business consultancy means providing added value. This requires business consultants to deliver the most accurate, up-to-date business intelligence available.

Cimetric Ltd operates a leading UK business consultancy. They wanted to better understand the ISA (Individual Savings Account) market in order to inform their members of any relevant patterns and trends that could be of use. At BQu, we formulated a two tier strategy that involved carrying out both primary and secondary research. In order to ascertain a clear picture, this research would need to be arranged and analysed. Finally, this would need to be drafted into reports and databases to allow for it to be communicated effectively in the future.

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