8 Tips to make your video marketing a success

Video marketing is no doubt a power tool in any content marketing strategy.

The popularity of video has increased immensely in the recent past, (the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine is a clear sign of that), and more and more brand are relying on videos to reach out to its audience. Videos work great for your blog and your social media, and will give a chance for your customers to connect with you without having to read lengthy articles about your products/services. Below are eight tips you should follow if you are trying to get your video marketing strategy off the ground.

Keep a schedule


Keeping a schedule does not apply only to blogging and social media. Plan when you are going to publish your videos, and stick to it. At first, it might seem like a challenge to regularly come up with new and interesting videos, but the effort will be worth when you get results. Having a regular schedule will also help your audience identify when they can come back for new material.

Keep it short

It’s a known fact that people, in general, do not have a long attention span. By now you should know that even when writing blog article it is important to keep them snappy, the same theory applies to videos. The amount of information users are exposed when surfing the net is overwhelming, and it’s a challenge to get a few seconds of their attention. Use your time wisely and keep your videos to the point.

Get creative with titles

You know you have great content, everyone you showed your video to loved it, yet when you put it out there, no one is clicking on it. The reason? Most likely a really, really bad title. As we mentioned earlier, getting your audience’s attention is the arduous part, particularly if you are not well established. Coming up with an interesting, catchy yet relevant title that stands out among all the background noise will make the difference between succeeding and miserably failing.

Audience generated

A great way to increase audience engagement is to involve them in your video marketing strategy. Make them the star, and ask them to send in their opinions/ideas in the form of a video. This will also save you the time of coming up with a new script and producing a new video frequently. Hold a monthly contest and give prizes, this is sure to drive greater engagement and make your audience feel closer to the brand.

Give’em Tutorials

Publishing tutorial is a great way to provide value to your customers. Though this might feel like you are giving away your secrets, it will establish you as an industry expert and will increase your credibility. Tutorials will also earn you your followers’ trust, and there is nothing greater than trust when it comes to modern marketing. You can include one tutorial each month in your editorial so that you can create a mini-series, this is sure to keep your customers coming back for more.

Be a Casting Director

 Carefully select who is going to be in the front row of your video marketing campaign. Your marketing team will not necessarily be the best people to be in front of the camera. Keep in mind that the host of your video will be representing your brand to your audience. It is alright to select a person from HR to host a video on marketing as long as they are familiar with the script and have a captivating personality. Ensure that the protagonist of your videos reflects the brand image, and has a natural flair for the camera.

Don’t forget Call to Action buttons

If your viewers have made it to the end of the video, don’t just show them a black screen. Leverage on your video marketing efforts and add a strong call to action button in your videos. You can do so at the end of the video or within it as well, as long as it is not a distraction from the video itself. Don’t forget to include links to your site/blog and redirect them to offers that people watching that specific video might be interested in.

Ask feedback

The best way to give your customers what they want is asking what they want. Internal feedback is often not sufficient to determine if it will stay afloat, so test your video strategy to see if your call to action is strong enough, if the language you are using is easy to understand or too techy, and if people actually get your jokes. Ask feedback at the end of each video, not just their opinion on that specific video, but also what they would like to see in future.

Created: June 26th, 2015


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