Catering to Generation Z’s learning palate

Generation Z is being influenced and is influencing a wide spectrum of society all over the world.

Not sure what this bizarre term of Generation Z is? They are those girls and boys who were born between the mid-1990s and 2010, born with an ability to multi-task. To sum it up - they simply aren’t able to survive a bare minimum of 7 minutes without a smart device. Yep! That’s Generation Z for you.

So with this generation being wired differently, it’s somewhat of a challenge in itself to be able to figure an ‘out of the world’ approach, to cater successfully to this often volatile and ever-evolving group of individuals.

The most notable aspect is that this generation is tech savvy and smart beyond years. They blossomed with the inventions of the worldwide web, MPs, iPads, smartphones and all kinds of sophisticated technology. It sometimes appears as though technology is an organ inbuilt within their system. Weird but true.

As Generation Z is the kind that gets bored too fast and is capable of interpreting information faster, it would be a fruitless task to follow methods of the past when imparting knowledge. Scroll down for suggestions that we’ve come up with on approaches and strategies to cater to Generation Z’s learning palate.


Craft an assignment based approach to learning

You will see your attendance dropping by the day if you are a teacher still adhering to a textbook and a black or whiteboard to deliver course content. The value lies in how involved and how much of a two-way process it is to inculcate effective learning for self-development. By incorporating an assignment based approach, you are assisting your students to connect with the material pragmatically, setting a foundation for better understanding and clear insight. If the assignment is group related, it will foster attributes like brainstorming, respecting view and beliefs of others, functioning in a group productively, making unanimous decisions and the list goes on. Such interaction is beneficial to make students realize the value of social ties, a deteriorating factor in Gen Z. So look at how you leave a lasting impression on your student's learning and self-development.

Include visual aid and audio in delivery

Gen Z’s visual learning ability can be taken advantage of with illustrations, videos, graphs, maps and sketches to enhance the value of your lecture. The world wide web being the incredible tool it is, full of diverse course content and related links is the ultimate encyclopedia in this regard. Audio and visual aid in learning can help improve language skills, retain attention for longer spans and provide volumes of information in less time. Remember, including visual tutorials and replacing reading with a video or infographic can be more productive than 2 hours of past paper practice. Also, as social media runs like DNA within their system, forums, discussion groups, and online learning portals can also serve as an effective tactic to enhance knowledge and sharpen skills.

Inculcate more critical thinking and problem-solving activity

Researchers have found that the brains of Gen Z are way more structurally advanced than generations before. This is believed to be in natural response to the factors of the environment. Kids of this day and age would have probably moved straight onto maneuvering a smartphone before they even attempted building blocks. So there you go, give them Einstein’s a chance to start excelling at an early age with interactive games, projects, puzzles, crosswords, challenges and mazes. As organizations are on the lookout for individuals with a balance of technical, conceptual and interpersonal skills nowadays, activities as such are surely worth the effort for the future.

Engage in outdoor activity and community building projects

As the saying goes all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Extracurricular activities not only bring in a mental boost bust also rejuvenates the mind and body to think a fresh and reinvent the wheel. A downside to generation Z can be stated as them being somewhat self-centered, occupied at all times in a world of their own and most often than not too busy for others. You would be doing the world a huge favor in inculcating values and rebuilding depleting humanity in the learning process with outdoor activity and community building projects. Teach your students to care and have an attitude of gratitude to fellow human beings as well as the environment in all of their doings. This will pave the way for well-rounded individuals and good human capital for the future.

Set levels of achievement

The word “Go-getter” is synonymous with Gen Z. They are a result oriented bunch and will pursue till they achieve what is set before them. Hence, practical ways like video games, puzzles, and activities that encourage persistence, discipline and time management can be pivotal for active learning. The more the student makes progress in the task set before him or her, there is natural tendency to be addicted to success.  Quizzes, Trivia and a Google day, can make the classroom engaging and exciting and would also make you a facilitator than a dictator in the noble task of imparting knowledge.

There are numerous strategies and tactics in the sea of www to cater to the very choosy palate of a Gen Z. Innovate, think out of the box and be always be updated with trends and new developments in the learning arena. Connect to the seamless cloud-based world of data and infotainment and set your students on a journey of adventures and challenges for a better understanding of boundless opportunities that are set before them. Flexibility and change is key in the process. Transform to see transformation.

Created : June 09th, 2016


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