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With a long history serving the UK market, Icelandair is the flag carrier airline of Iceland. Flying a regular schedule of flights in and out three major UK cities – London, Manchester and Glasgow – Icelandair wanted to encourage an increase in demand for UK flights to Iceland. It was recognised that in order to effectively engage with travellers and holiday-makers, they required a greater appreciation of the market of UK travel agents. Having heard about BQu’s reputation for delivering first-class, affordable business intelligence, BQu was contacted directly.

The project required in-depth market research and the organisation and presentation of all of the data into a usable format. Using a large range of sources, we collected online information from available databases. This was then consolidated and transferred into a format that would best illustrate the findings.

Data collection

Icelandair specified that they were interested in finding out information on “high potential” travel agents and tour operators, focusing on the locations surrounding the airports they service. The first step was to determine a direct plan of action. Our researchers then began sorting through the large range of online resources available, collecting relevant data that could be used to build a final graded listing. In addition, contact details and other relevant information was also recorded. The sources included databases acquired from trusted organisations such as ABTA (The Association of Travel Agents), the official websites of individual companies and a wide selection of other web listings and online directories.

Effective records

Since the information was intended to support future sales and marketing initiatives, the findings needed to be easily identifiable. This required a clear presentation of all data, ensuring irrelevant information was omitted. Opting for an Excel spreadsheet format for its universal ease-of-use and general convenience, we recorded the data in a straightforward, methodical manner, introducing filtering and pivot tables. This was accompanied by a set of instructions and a supplementary report.

Enabling improved decision making

By performing comprehensive market research of online sources relating to UK travel agents and tour operators, BQu supplied Icelandair with the material to make an educated assessment of the target market. This data was essential in capitalising on future investments in sales and marketing initiatives. To ensure client requirements were exceeded, communication channels were maintained throughout, which in addition to providing open accountability resulted in all deadlines being successfully met.

In the end, Icelandair were extremely satisfied with our market research skills, database management process and overall service. Due to our model of sourcing the best international researchers, analysts and employees, we were able to deliver the highest standard of work for a cost that makes great business sense. Get in contact us today to find out how BQu can provide business intelligence for less.


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